Sends information about a connected Nintendo Wiimote with support of nunchuck, motion plus and infrared mode.

See the Wiimote specification for more information.

Step by step for Mac users:

  • Activate the Bluetooth on your computer and open its preferences window.
  • Press the red button near the battery of the Wiimote.
  • If a code is asked, enter 0000.
  • Once you see the Wiimote as connected, drag the module Wiimote in your patch and activate the Usine process engine.


wiimote num

Choose here your wiimote if you have several connected.

send buttons

These buttons sends information to the wiimote.


Turn the vibration ON/OFF.


  • led1: turn the led 1 ON/OFF
  • led2: turn the led 2 ON/OFF
  • led3: turn the led 3 ON/OFF
  • led4: turn the led 4 ON/OFF

Wiimote movements and position

Estimation of the orientation according the X,Y,Z axes. Calculated summations of acceleration values.

wii acc x

Acceleration value in the X axis.

wii acc y

Acceleration value in the Y axis.

wii acc z

Acceleration value in the Z axis.

wii pos X

Position value in the X axis.

wii pos Y

Position value in the Y axis.

wii pos Z

Position value in the Z axis.

wii pitch

value of the pitch movement.

wii roll

value of the roll movement.

wii yaw

value of the yaw movement.

reset pos

Resets the pos X,Y,Z estimation calculation. Can be used periodically to avoid the accumulation of errors.

Wiimote buttons

wii btn

  • button A
  • button B
  • button 1
  • button 2
  • button +
  • button -
  • button Home
  • button Up
  • button Down
  • button Left
  • button Right

Motion plus

The Wii MotionPlus is an expansion device that allows the Wiimote to capture complex motion more accurately.

mplus acc X

Acceleration value in the X axis

mplus acc Y

Acceleration value in the Y axis

mplus acc Z

Acceleration value in the Z axis


nc btn C

Nunchuck button C.

nc btn Z

Nunchuck button Z.

nc pitch

Nunchuck pitch value.

nc roll

Nunchuck roll value.

nc yaw

Nunchuck yaw value.

nc js ang

Nunchuck joystick angle.

nc js mag

Nunchuck joystick magnitude.

infra red

ir X

infra red X 1,2,4,4.

ir Y

infra red Y 1,2,3,4.

ir Size

infra red Size 1,2,3,4.

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