Video options of Usine.

video active

Activates/deactivates the video engine.

video in devices

Activates/deactivates the video inputs devices (several inputs possible).

For IP camera's you must use the Video IP player module.

hi quality video

Activates the hight quality engine with anti-aliasing.

video frame rate

Video engine speed in fps (frames per second). Hi values can overload CPU.

mix strategy

Determines the mix-down strategy when 2 video flow are in the same wire and have to be mixed together.

  • largest win : the smallest video is enlarged to fit to the largest video size; use more CPU.
  • smallest win : the largest video is reduced to fit to the smallest video size; use less CPU.

About Video Compression

Most of video files are compressed to keep their size on disk as small as possible. The main drawback is that it's generally impossible to play frames in a random order, especially backward (You can only play a video forward).

If you want to have a precise access to frames, convert video files into motion-jpeg with the convert video to motionJPEG tool.

You can also convert the file into separated images (one image per frame) with the convert video to images tool. Then, images can be loaded into Video Player Image module.

convert video to images

Converts a Video file into separated images, to be able to load them into Video Player Image module.

convert video to motion JPEG

Convert a Video file into a motion-JPEG file. It increases the size on disk but can solve many frame to frame access issues.

video conversion compression

Compression rate used for the motion-JPEG compression. Low values for best quality, hi values for low quality.

This option is only visible in God Mode

extract audio from video

Extracts the audio flow of a video into a wav file to be able to load it into a Sampler module.

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