Tutorial : Interface Builder (IB)

The Interface-Builder mode provides an easy way to customize your interface, especially display only the controls you need to see on screen.

example of interface builder

To activate the interface builder mode click on IB icon in the main-menu. Click again to comeback in workspace view mode.

To determine if an object has to be visible in the IB, just open its settings with a right click and, in the settings-panel-tab-design set the also visible in IB to always.

You can choose between

  • no: the object is never visible in IB mode
  • always: the object is always visible in IB
  • if patch is ON: the object will be visible only if the current patch (or parent rack) is running, invisible otherwise.

In IB mode you can unclock controls ([Ctrl+L]) to resize or move them. The new size is independent from the original size (in workspace mode).

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