Tutorial : Record audio

Usine allows you to record audio directly on the hard-disk of your computer and turn Usine to a powerful real-time audio recorder with the direct-to-disk-panel. You can record any audio-devices (see devices-panel) or any audio rack (see rack).

Files are recorded in wav 32bits float format. See advantages of this file format on the 32-bits-audio page.

If you record a 16 channels audio device or rack, Usine will create a 16 channels audio wav file.

First, set the default record output folder in the setup.

Open the direct-to-disk-panel by clicking on the [rec] button of the master-panel.

Open the devices-panel.

To record input or output audio device, drag&drop the device item on the direct-to-disk-panel.

Remember that only audio devices are allowed for recording.

To record a rack output, drag&drop the rack-panel on the direct-to-disk-panel.

To delete the item from the direct-to-disk-panel, drag&drop it into the trash bin.

Now you can start the recording by clicking on the [rec] button.

The recording will be effective only if the process engine is ON (space bar).

When finished, click again on the [rec] button to stop the recording and choose the final name for your audio files.

We finally obtain, in this example, 3 audio files, one for each items, rack 2, input 1, Stereo-Out.

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