Devices Panel

All connected hardware devices are grouped in the Devices Panel. Any kind of Audio, MIDI, OSC, Video devices can be created.

Each Device (which is internaly a patch), can contain several pre-processing, like an EQ on a microphone input or MIDI channel transformations on connected controller.

Then just Drag & Drop those Devices onto the rack-input or the rack-output.

Data and OSC devices can be easily used with the Binds. See how to use binds in osc tutorial.


threaded devices

Some devices have the threaded device option. When enabled, Usine executes devices in a separated thread.

This option concerns only the following devices types:

  • video in,
  • data in,
  • OSC in,
  • data out,
  • OSC out

Can reduce CPU load and the impact to the audio chain, for example, if you have big OSC in/out devices.

add audio in

Creates a new audio in Device.

add MIDI in

Creates a new MIDI in Device.

add data in

Creates a new data in Device.

add OSC in

Creates a new OSC in Device.

add video in

Creates a new Video in Device (camera).

add audio out

Creates a new audio out Device.

add MIDI out

Creates a new MIDI in Device.

add data out

Creates a new data out Device.

add OSC out

Creates a new OSC out Device.

add video out

Creates a new Video out Device.

open device

Opens a previously saved device.

clear all devices

Reset the current Devices set.

open devices set

Opens a Devices set you saved before.

save devices set as

Saves the current Devices set into a file, to recall it later.


always create default

Creates automatically a stereo out and input 1,2 devices when Usine starts.

always create surround

Creates automatically a surround (x4), surround (x8) and surround (x16) devices when Usine starts.

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