Master Panel

The master displays various global information's about Usine, vu-meters for all in/out flows like MIDI, Audio, Network, and sets the global volume.

  1. turns then main process engine on or off
  2. cpu & memory consumption
  3. shows/hides the main-menu-panel
  4. workspace selector
  5. solo indicator
  6. update MIDI motorized devices
  7. MIDI panic
  8. cancels the current fade in/out
  9. opens the direct-to-disk-panel
  10. MIDI vu-meters
  11. audio vu-meters
  12. light and network activity
  13. master volume

Quick access buttons.


Activates/deactivates the main process engine of Usine.

When the main process engine is OFF, workspaces are not calculated but devices remain active.


Indicates the processor (CPU) load. This value is just an estimation. See CPU consumption.


Display the memory consumption of all opened workspaces in Giga bytes.

show menu

Displays or hides the main-menu-panel.


Toggles the visibility of the workspaces 1 and 2.

Two workspaces can be loaded at the same time for example load a new workspace but keep common racks. The two workspaces share the same process engine, main volume, tempo, etc.


MIDI panic, sends a ALL NOTES OFF MIDI message to all the samplers, plug-ins and MIDI outputs.


Only if you have motorized MIDI controllers connected. Force Usine to send MIDI messages to the connected remote devices. This button can be used to force MIDI remote faders and knobs positions correspond to their real position in Usine.


Lights when a Solo switch is activated on a rack.

Click to cancel all solo's.


Cancels the current fades on presets or on the grid-panel


Opens the direct-to-disk-panel.

Audio and MIDI VU-Meters

Audio and MIDI VU-meters, which allow you to monitor the activity and verify your devices are running smoothly.

The number of visible VU-meters corresponds to the selections made in the audio and MIDI setup.

Master panel with 4 audio inputs and 2 outputs.

Master panel with 2 MIDI inputs and 1 output.

midi in

Lights on MIDI in activity.

midi out

Lights on MIDI out activity.

audio in

Audio in vu-meters.

audio out

Audio out vu-meters.

network in activity

Lights on network in activity.

network out activity

Lights on network out activity.

light out activity

This led lights when a DMX/ArtNet/sACN packet is sent to the output.

light out activity

This led lights when a DMX/ArtNet/sACN packet is received.


Master Volume of Usine.


soft clipping

When ON, a soft clipping (smooth limiter) is applied on the main audio outputs.

Customize Interface

Choose which elements are visible in the panel.

  • show workspace selector
  • show cpu usage
  • show panic
  • show MIDI update
  • show solo
  • show master volume
  • show network in led
  • show network out led
  • show dmx in led
  • show dmx out led
  • show toolbox button
  • show record button
  • show learns button
  • show binds button
  • show trace button
  • show mixer button
  • show playlist button

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