Audio and sound cards settings.


Choose your sound card driver mode in the available drivers list.


Choose the device for the selected driver.

nb in

Number of inputs of the selected Sound card.

nb out

Number of outputs of the selected Sound card.

sample rate

Choose the working sample rate.

Remember that 44100Hz is generally enough for live situations and CPU friendly.

buffer size

Buffer size in sample (latency).

Don't forget that in the real world (not in the marketing) all drivers have 1 input and 2 output buffers. It means that to get the real latency, you always have to multiply by at least 3!

show driver

Click to open the Sound card panel.

WIN only.

block size

In Usine (like in almost all audio softwares) the audio flow is sliced and processed by blocks. This parameter indicates the current block size.


Activates Audio inputs to makes them available in Usine.


Activates Audio outputs to makes them available in Usine.

soft Clipping

Soft Clipping limiter: prevent audio saturation of the sound card.

pre-listen volume

Gain applied when you pre-listen a sample in the browser-panel.

external wave editor

wave editor

Specifies your favorite wave editor path.

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