Handling sound banks

Some MotionKit instruments are based on reading and handling of audio files, commonly called « samples ».

By default, instruments are available with several sounds or possible sound banks that you can select by clicking on one of the following panel letters:

Loading personal sounds

Sound files (samples) offered by default are of course modifiable and you can replace them with personal sounds.

To change the sounds or sound banks you must display the instrument Options by clicking this icon.

Once the displayed options you will be facing two cases according the instrument handles unique sounds or more sounds at once (sound banks).

When you see this icon on the options panel, this means that the device contains six distinct sounds labeled A through F.

When on the options panel you see the buttons bank A to bank ... F, it means that the device contains six banks sounds each containing several sounds.

Editing sounds

By clicking on this icon appears the list editor for instruments containing 6 unique sounds (listed A to F)

List editor for a 6 single instrument sounds:

As the instrument has six possible sounds, the list contains six files. The 0 index file in the list is the choice A on the instrument, index1 to choice B and so on.

You can modify the contents of this list using the control buttons, especially:

  • Add File: to add new sounds to the list,
  • Delete file: to remove the selected item from the list,
  • Clear list: to delete the whole list,

You can also use the Windows or MACOSX files manager and directly drag and drop as in the figure below:

Be careful, as the instrument handles only 6 sounds, this list should contains only 6 elements (numbered from 0 to 5). If this list contains more than 6 elements the over- exceeding files will be ignored.

Editing sound banks

Clicking the buttons bank A..F will make the list editor for instruments containing 6 sound banks appear. A sound bank is a collection of several sounds together in a set.

List editor for one instrument containing 6 sound banks:

Unlike instruments with simple sounds, this one contains 6 list editors, each containing a bank with several sounds (16 sounds here).

In the example above, the instrument operates with 16 sounds that you can replace. Refer to previous chapter for more information on manipulating the list editor.

Attention, as the bank manages only 16 sounds, this list must contain only 16 elements (numbered 0 -15). If this list contains more than that, the over exceeding files will be ignored.


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