The homepage

It is now time to launch the MusineKit application. To do so, please refer to the Launching the application section of the manual.

Once launched, the homepage appears.

The homepage allows navigation between the different instruments and also to do basic settings.

The homepage contains 3 sections.:

The menu bar

You will find the menu bar taking different forms in the MusineKit software. It is composed by four icons on the homepage:

Switches between play mode and homepage, see Play mode

Switch to fullscreen mode.

By clicking on this icon you will open the settings page that allows setting the correct display configuration according to your screen, change your sound card properties. Please refer to the general settings section to get more information’s about advanced settings.

Quit MusineKit.

The instruments list

You will see in this zone the available instruments inside MusineKit. To start playing with them, just double-click on the corresponding image.


Available classroom projects in MusineKit are addedd automatically on the startpage. Click on the corresponding icon to open them.


MusineKit can be installed on shared workstations with several users. Before starting, it is important that each student enters a username. By doing this, anyone will be able to work with personal copies of their instruments, find the backups and the settings each time he'll use the software. Please be cautious about the font case and avoiding accents.