Pearl Sculpture

2019, Guangzhou China

We realized light and sound design for Hai Xin Zhi Zhu sculpture (“a pearl in the middle of the ocean”), for the 2019 Guangzhou International Lighting Festival. The work’s name refers to the Pearl River on which it was displayed (on Haixinsha artificial island), it was designed by architect Su Chao, collaborator of He Jintang, and realized with his students.

The above video mixes virtual previz images with real shootings from the festival’s installation. The light and sound scenario goes through 3 parts: The Sea by Debussy is about the project’s aquatic dimension, the second part with piano piece Wo de Zuguo (“My Motherland”) by Liu Chi is about it’s Chinese identity, and the third part is more contemporary and free.

Lighting and sound effects are generated with Usine HH. When the music is pre-recorded (parts 1 and 2) several sound analysis systems interact with speed and intensity of the lighting effects, using pre-defined color palettes. Sound and lights are generated simultaneously in the third part, sometimes with random effects; a 3D camera has been added to allow audience interaction.