Usine Hollyhock6

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A professional Audio, Video & Light software for MAC & PC

The ultimate Digital Workstation

Usine is the ultimate Digital Workstation made for live, studio or installations. Usine can process and route audio, MIDI, video, DMX, OSC, VSTs/AU and design personalized virtual control interfaces.
Also it’s a modular environment, which means that, even if you can find many ready to use examples, the main goal is to create and customize your live set to fit it exactly to your needs. Usine is different but finally you’ll realize that it is one of the most powerful software you can find.

Intuitive interface

New and modern interface, made as simple as possible with and ultra flexible library ready to process any sources.

Patching made simple

Discover how patching is made simple in Usine with Hi level modules covering a large range of possibilities.

Customizable interface

Create a very personal design and layout without any restriction. Build fun and responsive effects.

Digital creation made simple

Build your own digital system for installations and live performances. Usine Hollyhock is a unique piece of software which introduces several revolutionary concepts to create advanced multi media projects.

Speaks all protocols

Audio, Midi, Video, IP Video, DMX, Art-Net, sACN, ILDA, OSC, MQTT, Modbus, VST, Audio-Unit, Sensors, Leap-Motion, Wiimote, Joysticks, Serial devices, etc.

Unlimited possibilities

Modular environnement, advanced Network communication tools included a web server, Remote control, Scripting language, computer vision modules.

User friendly interface

Easy to use interface, powerful timeline, patching helpers, customizable interface, development of kiosk applications.

Native Surround up to 192 channels

A collection of more than 100 surround tools and ambisonic objects. All audio modules are natively 64 channels surround.

DMX, Art-Net engine

Usine provides DMX/ArtNet light engine totally synchronized with audio, video and the timeline.

UsinePixel mapping also transforms a video flow into a set of light pixels.

Video engine

A collection of 70 video modules, for transformation, mapping, combination. Can be used with any video sources: video files, cameras, IP cameras, pictures. Totally synchronized with audio, light and the timeline

A powerful Timeline

All objects and commands can be triggered at a precise time and can last as long as you want. Each line has independent durations, and any of the controls can have an automation curve assigned them. Only current, grid-activated racks become visible. This means that your vision is not polluted by unnecessary items.

A huge ready to use library

Usine Hollyhock library offer you more than 300 ready to use patches and examples to process any sources like audio instruments, Videos, DMX fixtures, MIDI devices, Sensors, etc. Especially some creative and innovative solutions you don’t find in any other software.

Easy modular patching with Usine

Usine provides a new way of connecting patches & racks together with a modular layer. The library contains more than 60 ready to play modular racks.

Usine in action

Take a look on pictures of Usine in the real life.

Usine Hollyhock

Choose the best version according your situation: you are a student, amateur, professional or expert.

Free Version Paid Versions
+20% VAT
+20% VAT
+20% VAT
Usine patching engine and 900 modules
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Free updates period - 1 year 2 years 2 years
Number of racks max per workspaces
more info
8 16 no limit no limit
Number of patches per racks
more info
4 8 no limit no limit
Number of grid sections max
more info
8 16 no limit no limit
Number of light plots max
more info
1 1 4 10
Number of video screens and cameras
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1 1 2 32
Number of workspaces loaded simultaneously
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1 1 2 2
Download add-ons
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Interface and performances tweaking
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Advanced interface tweaking
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Share datas over the network
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Video conversion tools
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Kiosk mode and tools for autonomous installations
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Remote control of Usine
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Advanced modules and communication pack
• sACN protocol
• MQTT client
• NDI cameras
• ModBus communication
• RTTrPM protocol
• PosiStageNet protocol
Laser output
(Windows only)
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