Command Line Options

Usine can be executed by a commande line with the following options. Generally, the command line is used on special installation (kiosk).

C:\>C:\Usine\Bin\usine.exe -fullscreen -ib -dontsavesetup -autoplay "C:\Work\Workspaces\Example.wkp"

user$ usinemain -fullscreen -ib -dontsavesetup -autoplay "/Users/senso/Desktop/Workspaces/Example.wkp"


Name of the workspace to load at startup. If the name contain space chars, it must be quoted like "C:\2002 MotionKit\Workspaces".


The engine is turned ON automatically at startup.


Usine will be displayed in fullscreen mode. This option the full-screen option defined in the setup-panel-tab-global.


Works only if a workspace-name is defined and loaded, it will appear in IB mode. See ib-panel.


The setup is not saved when Usine quits.


The grid is automatically displayed when a workspace. Only if the grid is not empty.

-fullasio[DRIVER number]

Windows only

Forces the audio driver to be in ASIO mode with all inputs and outputs available activated. By default the ASIO driver index is 0 (the first available) but you can specify another index with a number in the command line:

  • -fullasio : equivalent to -fullasio0, the first driver available,
  • -fullasio0 : equivalent to -fullasio, the first driver available,
  • -fullasio1 : the second driver,
  • -fullasio2 : the third driver,
  • etc.

-channels[Number of channels]

Windows only

When -fullasio is activated, this option limits the number of opened ASIO channels.

  • -channels : all available ASIO channels are opened,
  • -channels8 : only 8 ASIO channels are opened,
  • -channels32 : only 32 ASIO channels are opened.


Usine starts without audio driver and the setup-panel-tab-audio is not visible.


Usine starts without video engine and the setup-panel-tab-video is not visible.


Usine starts without light engine and the setup-panel-tab-light is not visible.

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