Audio Timeline


Lets you quickly create audio sequences by simple audio files Drop.



Audio output flow(s).


Displayed caption of the object. Click to enter a new name.


Duration for the sequence, depends of the chosen format.


Time format applied to the duration.

  • seconds
  • minutes
  • milliseconds
  • cycles
  • bars
  • beats

play loop

Plays the sequence in loop mode.


Plays the sequence.

this input works only when the synchro=button


Stops playing the sampler or the sequence.

this input works only when the synchro=button

is playing

Sends a 1 value when the sequence is playing 0 otherwise.


Sends 1 value each time the current sequence is starting or re-starting.


Timeline position.

position changed

In Loop mode sends 1 value if you click on the timeline to change the reading position.

clear all

Clear all the timeline grid

saved in preset

Determines if parameters of this object are saved in the preset-panel.

fade preset

Parameters of the this object can cross faded when you recall a preset in the grid.

Optional setting, does not appear on all objects.

snap to grid

Snap the items to the grid.

magnetic elements

Snap the items together.

magnetic threshold

Number of pixels used to snap items to the grid.

number of lines

Number of lines for the timeline grid.

number of rows

Number of rows for the timeline grid.

can zoom

Activates/deactivates the zoom.

auto show the volume curve

Automatically displays the volume curve.

Navigation tips


Using the mouse-wheel, you can zoom in the timeline


Click on an empty zone and move horizontally to move in the sequence.

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