Sends a DATA or ARRAY flow to an internal Bus.

This module can be added directly to the grid with a drag&drop from the browser.



Name of the bus.

set bus

Flow to send to the bus.


Target of the bus. Determines how the bus is accessible inside Usine.

  • global (all usine): the bus is accessible in all the patches of the workspace.
  • rack only: the bus is accessible only in the current rack.
  • top parent patch: the bus is accessible in the top parent patch and all it's sub-patchsub-patches.
  • current patch: the bus is accessible in the current patch and all its sub-patches.


Activates or deactivates the module.

add to binds list

Adds this bus to the Binds and so visible in teh binds-panel.

auto calibrate

Auto calibrate this bind to match the target.

reset calibration

Reset the current calibration.

send to shared computers

When ON, send the value to all connected computers.

It will appear in the binds-panel of the connected computers.

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