Data Mix Dispatch

1 in - N out data dispatcher. Allows the redirection of incoming data flows according to the value of a selector.

Unlike the data-mix-dispatch-crossfade this module can't accept floating point value for the selector so no cross-faded data values is possible.

Can also work with audio an MIDI flows but prefer use the audio-mix-dispatchand midi-mix-dispatch modules.



Selector value.

  • 1 : the input is copied to the output 1.
  • 2 : the input is copied to the output 2.
  • 3 : the input is copied to the output 3.
  • etc.
  • 0 : it does nothing (sometime helpful…).


Input Data flow(s).


Output Data flow(s).

set to 0

When this option is activated, if the output is not selected, the value is set to 0.

So the module become compatible with audio or MIDI process but don't use it for audio.

Otherwise, the output values are always set to the last selected value.

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