Synchro Local

Same as the synchro-master module but works as local synchro module but takes effect on the current patch or sub-patches only.

It Allows the creating of poly-tempo patches and workspaces.

The Synchro Local Module tempo is applied to of all plug-ins,

MIDI-pianoroll, data-generator-sequenced-steps, audio-sampler,etc.


cycle start

Sends 1 value when the cycle starts.

cycle length

Cycle length: Number of bars in the cycle.

nb beat per cycle

Number of beat in the cycle.

cycle position

Current position in the cycle.

cycle trigger

Sends 1 value when the cycle position changes.

cycle duration

Cycle duration in milliseconds.

bar length

Bar Len: Number of beats in the bar.

bar position

Current position in the bar (beats).

bar trigger

Sends 1 value with the beat.

bar duration

Bar duration in milliseconds.

8 position

Current eighth note position in the beat (1 or 2).

8 trigger

Sends 1 value when the eighth note position changes.

16 position

Current sixteenth note position in the beat (1, 2, 3, and 4).

16 trigger

Sends 1 value when the sixteenth note position changes.


Restarts the synchronization from the beginning of the cycle.

reset tap

Erases the proceeding adjustments by tap tempo in case of mistakes.


Adjusts the tempo by successive taps.


Multiplies the current tempo by 2.


Divides the current tempo by 2.


Set or get the global tempo.


Switches ON or OFF the synchronization.

cycle PPQ

The PPQ position is generally used in plug-ins. Give PPQ the position within current cycle

  • 0: first beat of the cycle
  • 2.5: third beat and + 1/8th.


Current SMPTE position value.

Bar list

List of bars with their time signature for the cycle. A cycle can be made of several bar with different time signatures, for example:


Represents a cycle of two 4/4 bars and a 3/4 bar, so 11 beats. Allowed time signatures are x/1, x/2, x/4, x/8, x/16.

Moreover, you can define a precise tempo for each bar, for example


The first 4/4 bar will be at tempo=120, the second 3/8 at 90 and so on.


Disable the synchro module.

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