Panel Popup Window

Adds a Popup window inside a patch.

A popup window is always on top.

Use the where setting of an object to show it in the pop up.

You can only have one popup window per patch or sub-patch.

example of popup with 2 knobs

By default you can use the settings icon of the patch to open its pop up window (if it exists)


show hide popup

Toggle show/hide the pop up window.

show popup

Displays the pop up window.

hide popup

Hides the pop up window.


Displayed caption of the object. Click to enter a new name.

select by

Selection modes for children objects in touch screen mode.

  • exact position: you have to touch an object in order to select it.
  • nearest: selects the closest, not yet selected, object.
  • nearest and move: selects the closest, not yet selected, object. Then move it at the position of your finger.


Hit text displayed on mouse over

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