Sampler Modules Overview

Usine provides 6 different sampler modules each with their own characteristics. All samplers are Mono to 64 channels of recording/playback, and can load most common formats such as mp3, wav, aif, aiff and flac audio files.

You will find classic samplers, granular samplers, MIDI samplers, and various. You can add markers, pitch, volume, panoramic curves, and zoom in the waveform.

Note that Usine use a 32-bit float audio format for all the sample recorders.

Modules Waveform Display Grain Processing Record MIDI Input
audio-sampler YES - - -
audio-sampler-recorder YES - YES -
audio-sampler-grain YES YES - -
audio-sampler-recorder-grain YES YES YES -
audio-sampler-midi Oscilloscope - - YES
Legacy Modules Waveform Display Grain Processing Record MIDI Input
audio-sampler-midi-legacy Via panel-wave-display - - YES
audio-sampler-recorder-midi-legacy Via panel-wave-display - YES YES
audio-sampler-grain-legacy Via panel-wave-display YES - -
audio-sampler-recorder-grain-legacy Via panel-wave-display YES YES -

The sample player / recorder

The classic audio-sampler and the audio-sampler-recorder with common modifiers such as pitch, gain control, reverse, etc.

The grain sample player / recorder

The audio-sampler-grain and the audio-sampler-recorder-grain provide similar functionality as the classic sampler, with the addition of a powerful granular engine. Grain options include Grain size, speed synchronization and manual percentage adjustments, and the ability to choose windowing options to shape the grains (hanning, gaussian, bartlett,etc).

The granular sampler allows to modify the speed of the sample without affecting the pitch or modify the pitch without affecting the speed. It can be used, for example, to adapt a drum loop to a different tempo while maintaining pitch of original percussive elements.

It works well for speed modification between 80% and 120%.

The MIDI sampler

The audio-sampler-midi can be used directly with incoming MIDI messages.

It uses banks files to map MIDI Notes.

Surround Samplers

The samplers modules in Usine can read up to 64 audio channels.Use the recreate button in the contextual-menu if you need more outputs.

A 6 channels surround sampler

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