Audio Stretch Panel

Changes the tempo, the length or the pitch of a sample.


Choose between several processing modes, according your sample family:

  • 0 Piano
  • 1 smooth
  • 2 multitimbral texture
  • 3 percussion with stable notes
  • 4 monophonic instrumental
  • 5 solo percussion



Adjusts the speed of the selected sample.


Changes the pitch of the selected sample.

apply manually

Applies the speed, pitch to the selected sample.


nb beats

Changes the beat number for the selected sample.


Changes the tempo for the selected sample.

apply synchronized

Applies the beats number and tempo to the selected sample.


back to original

Back to original sample (undo the stretch).

Note that each time you stretch a file, a new wave file is created with a new name in the same folder than the original file.

The new name reflects the changes, for example,
for a speed = -1.600, the pitch = -3 half-tones and the stretch mode 4 for 4 monophonic instrumental.

my groove.wav will become
my groove.wav.usinestretch@-1.600@-3@4@.wav

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