File Collection Panel

Files list managment panel.

If files are Audio type, it gives you an access to the wave editor and to the audio-stretch-panel.


add file

Adds a new file in the list.

remove file

Removes the selected file.

rename file

Renames the selected file on the disk.

copy file

Copies/duplicates the selected file with another name.

clear list

Clears the list.

copy list

Copies the list to the clipboard.

sort list

Sorts the list in alphabetic order.

paste list

Paste a list previously saved with the copy list command.

save list

Save the list to a file.

open list

Opens a previously saved file.


Moves the selected file up in the list.


Moves the selected file down in the list.



Selected file number in the list.


Length in Milliseconds of the selected sample (audio files only).


Bit esolution of the selected sample (audio files only).

nb channels

Number of channels of the selected sample (audio files only).

sample rate

Indicates the sample rate of the selected sample (audio files only).

edit file

Opens the wave editor chosen in the setup-global (audio files only).

stretch file

Opens the audio-strecth-panel to change the tempo, pitch or length of the current audio sample (audio files only).

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