Playlist Panel

If your live set is made of several workspaces, the Playlist provides an easy way to recall them in a precise order. See use-playlist tutorial.

This can be achieve quickly without any prompt or confirmation dialog, even with a simple MIDI learn or Keyboard assignation.

Drag & Drop workspaces directly from the browser on this panel to add a new item in the list.


Loads the previous workspace.


Loads the next workspace.

workspace items

Workspaces of the playlist. You can open a play list item by Drag & Drop it onto the current workspace.

You can change the order by Drag & Drop items on each other.



Clears the content of the selected object to make it empty.


Opens a file of the selected object saved previously.

save as

Saves the selected object as a file with a new name.


ask for confirmation

When ON, a confirmation pop up will appear before opening the next workspace of the list.

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