Settings Panel

The settings panel displays properties of the selected object. To open the settings panel, uses a right click on any object. Once opened, you use a single left click on any object will display its settings-panel.


This tab refers to general options. Minimum and maximum values, caption, and more depending on the selected object.

Example for a fader.

Example for a math module


The design tab is the place to customize visual aspects of objects. Like backgrounds, captions and borders colors, opacity, etc. See settings-tab-design.

Example of design changes on a fader


The size tab is the place to customize size, position, rotation parameters of the object.


The remote tab is where you manage all your MIDI/Key,OSC, etc learns,and mapping values.


Displays settings about the mouse, bitmaps and touch.


Manages automation curves for the selected object.


Opens an help page about this object.


Save snapshot

When you have created a layout for an object you can save a snapshot to recall it later.

Design Tab only.

Click on this icon and enter a name and save it. This will create a small snapshot of your design settings.

Then, the next time or for a similar object, you'll have only to click on this snapshot to recall it.

Example with 5 knobs

Pin settings

When ON, the settings-panel is locked to the current object.

If you need to lock this panel to an object, for example to study a value when you change a parameter elsewhere, you can use the pin icon. By this way, even if you click on another object the settings panel will stay unchanged.

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