Trace Panel

Displays various information's like incoming MIDI/network message, internal messages or others important messages of Usine.

  • A dbl-click on this panel will open a standalone window called the console, for advances users.
  • The trace panel will be displayed automatically when Usine sends warnings or error messages.
  • Inside a patch, you can use the trace function with the modules:


trace MIDI in

Traces MIDI messages received by external devices.

trace MIDI out

Traces MIDI output messages outgoing to external devices.

trace keyboard in

Traces all keyboard incoming messages, useful, for example, to know the numeric value of a key:

  • key:A - 65
  • key:Z - 90
  • key:arrow up - 238
  • key:arrow down - 240

trace gestures names

The gesture names in touch and multi-touch environment. See multi-touch for more infos.

trace OSC in messages

Traces OSC incoming messages.

trace OSC out messages

Traces OSC outgoing messages.

trace all UDP in packets

Traces all incoming UDP messages.

trace all COMMANDS packets

Traces all incoming COMMANDS messages used in patch sharing context.

trace ping times

Traces the ping time of all connected computeurs (with Usine runing).

trace DMX out

Traces all DMX output messages.

trace video FPS

Traces the current video engine frame rate in Frames per seconds.

God Mode

Settings available in god mode. See setup-panel-tab-expert.

trace MIDI latency

Traces the real MIDI in latency, in other words, the time elapsed when the MIDI message arrives to the computer and the time it is handled by Usine.

trace messages capacity

Usine communicates between threads by using a sophisticated messaging manager. This option traces the capacity and amount of messages that are queued. Be aware to maintain the graphic queue length as short as possible to avoid graphic overloads.

trace set caption

The set caption of objects procedure takes a lot of CPU when done inside patches. This option helps you to minimize the CPU impact of caption modifications by displaying a messages in the trace panel.

trace unresolved buses

Traces the names of unavailable buses, for example if you use a get bus module with an invalid name.

trace internal clock

Traces the internal messages clock real interval. Gives an idea of the accuracy of your environment. Connected to the setup refresh speed.

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