Compatibility notes

Scripts changes in script-V2.0

Many procedures and functions have been deprecated in Script-V2.0. Script V2.0 is more "object oriented" programmation style.
You should read carefully the new Script References.

procedure SetValue(Param: TParameter; val: single);
function  GetValue(Param: TParameter):single;

procedure SetStringValue    (Param: TParameter; val: string);
function  GetStringValue(Param: TParameter) : string;

procedure SetLength(Param:   TParameter; val: integer);
function  GetLength(Param:   TParameter):integer;

procedure SetDataArrayValue  (Param : TParameter;I: integer; val: single);
function  GetDataArrayValue  (Param : TParameter;I: integer): single;

procedure SetColorArrayValue  (Param : TParameter;I: integer; val: TAlphaColor);
function  GetColorArrayValue  (Param : TParameter;I: integer): TAlphaColor;

procedure SetMIDIArrayValue  (Param:TParameter;I: integer; val: TMIDI);
procedure GetMIDIArrayValue  (Param:TParameter;I: integer; var val:TMIDI);

function CreateParam    (caption: string; typ: TParamType):TParameter; 
procedure SetIsInput       (Param: TParameter; val: boolean);  
procedure SetIsOutput    (Param: TParameter; val: boolean);  
procedure SetScale     (Param: TParameter; val: TScale);     
procedure SetColor     (Param: TParameter; val: integer);    
procedure SetVisible     (N : Tparameter; val: Boolean);     
procedure SetOffColor      (Param: TParameter; val: integer);  
procedure SetMin           (Param: TParameter; val: single);   
procedure SetMax           (Param: TParameter; val: single);   
procedure SetDefaultValue(Param: TParameter; val: single);   
procedure SetCaption       (Param: TParameter; val: string);   
procedure SetSymbol    (Param: TParameter; val: string);     
procedure SetFormat    (Param: TParameter; val: string);     
procedure SetListBoxString (Param: TParameter; val: string); 
procedure SetReadOnly      (Param: TParameter; val: boolean);
procedure SetFastCallBack  (Param: TParameter; val: boolean);
procedure SetDontSave      (Param: TParameter; val: boolean);
procedure SetSavedName     (Param: TParameter; val: string); 
procedure SetIsSeparator   (Param: TParameter; val: boolean);

Scripts changes from Usine V5

The procedure SendInternalMsg(....); is no longer available.

Replaced by


The local variable result is no longer allowed. So for example,the code

procedure Test;
var result : integer;
  for result:= 1 to 10
  do writeln('hello');

Will fail on compile. The var result : integer; Must be replaced by another variable name. Like

procedure Test;
var res : integer;
  for res:= 1 to 10
  do writeln('hello');

manual conversion

Create a new script module and copy the old script code into the new one.

Assume that you have a variable SL declared as TStringlist.

var SL : TStringList;

SL := TStringList.Create;  --must be replaced by --> SL.create;
SL.CommaText := 'a,b,c';   --must be replaced by --> SL.SetCommatext('a,b,c');
s := SL.CommaText;         --must be replaced by --> s := SL.GetCommatext;
s := SL.strings[i]         --must be replaced by --> s := SL.GetStrings(i);
SL.strings[i] := s;        --must be replaced by --> SL.SetStrings(i,s);

A more complete example

//old version
procedure Init;
var SL : TStringList;
  SL := TScringList.create;
  SL.CommaText := 'a,b,c,d';
  for i := 0 to SL.count-1
  do SL.strings[i] := SL.strings[i]+inttostr(i);

// new version
procedure Init;
var SL : TStringList;
  for i := 0 to SL.count-1
  do SL.SetStrings(i,SL.GetStrings(i)+inttostr(i));

Now your script will compile and run at least 10x faster.

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