The main configuration panel for all your Audio and MIDI Devices, your personal folders for Sounds and Plug-ins, Network use and the Kiosk mode, see each link to access a specific tab.

Quick Configuration

A quick overview to activate your copy, configure your hardware, audio and MIDI.

Click this menu icon to open the setup.

Activate your copy

Once your purchased a license, you can activate Usine in the setup-user.

You must be connected to Internet to activate Usine, so please deactivate all protections like anti-virus and firewalls softwares. The activation is only necessary once.

Paste your activation key in the activation key zone, press the Enter key, and click on activate key.

Choose the language

Select the language in the setup-global-tab.

After a restart of Usine, this will remain the default language.

Configure Audio

Once this panel opened, choose the audio tab and select your sound card in the devices combo box and be sure your inputs/outputs are correctly activated (clicks on the radio button if needed):

The audio tab of the global setup panel

Configure MIDI

Now, you can also configure your MIDI controllers if you have some.

Clicks on the MIDI tab and choose each device you want to activate. If you forget to connect your MIDI peripherals, no need to restart Usine, connect them and use the rescan button.

On each MIDI activation, the new device will appears in the device panel (audio devices in green and MIDI devices in blue):

The MIDI tab of the global setup panel

The devices panel

Folders configuration

The setup-panel-tab-folders is the place to configure the personal folders that appear in the browser-panel.

These are your folders for your sound files, patches and racks, videos, banks, MIDI files, fixtures, user modules and finally the folder for the main audio recording.

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