MusineKit² is a software package dedicated to the practice of music and sound art. MusineKit² is a tool resolutely turned towards the new digital practices.
The software grip is very fast. It can be controlled or interact with most industry interfaces (MIDI interfaces, Leap Motion, joysticks, tablet, Zil, etc.).MusineKit² is definitly a modern tool, in line with our digital practices and those of users.

This software allows anyone to create music, playing with sounds, to understand the world of sound around us and so to access the music through new technologies.

MusineKit² is the result of the meeting between Sensomusic and La Muse en Circuit,(national music creation center). La Muse en Circuit has extensive expertise in digital audio creation and creative music transmission practices. Its educational work has always relied on consumer technologies and tools for live performances.

The Sensomusic company has been developing the “Usine” software for twenty years with  efficiency and reliability in mind. This offers the professional user an efficient tool for the practice of music on stage or interactive installations.


All public may understand the software, for easy discovery of the world of sound or even consider a more successful music production.
MusineKit² is designed to provide a musical practice for all of us: children, adults, teachers and educationalists. They can play independently, but also in groups to promote team games. The software provides access to digital music creation and adapts to different users, from novice to experienced musician.
As for teachers, MusineKit² presents innovative educational content for the discovery of digital audio, incorporating the possibility of using its own banks. The software also allows you to generate musical gestures from our everyday technology, and fits extremely reactive way to new interfaces like Leap Motion, joysticks, tablets and touch screens, Zil, etc.


MusineKit² is a modular software giving immediate to a dozen instruments grouped under different categories (see below). Each instrument offers to play with sounds, to adjust the parameters, create musical sequences and drive all by input interfaces. MusineKit² uses simple graphics for the user to directly enter a music game without prior learning. MusineKit² is an evolution of the professional software “Usine  Hollyhock” by Sensomusic.

Technically, the strength of the software is its ability to adapt very quickly to new computer interfaces (HID) and consistent changes proposed by the industry. It can generate musical gestures from our everyday technology and adapt to their regular renewal.

MusineKit² can be controlled by a simple computer keyboard or mouse, by MIDI interfaces but also by video game controllers, CSO networks (especially for tablets and smartphones), or by more specific interfaces (Leap Motion i-Rig, Wiimote, tablet, video signal, etc.). Future technologies will be integrated in a very reactive way into the software, helping to develop the musical and artistic uses.



You can download the MusineKit² application corresponding to your OS as well as the manuals.

MusineKit² has been endorsed by:

Le Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication via les Services numériques culturels innovants 2014.

Le Centre de Formation des Musiciens Intervenants (CFMI) – Université de Paris-Sud.

La Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso – Sous égide de la Fondation de France.

Canal93, dans le cadre de la résidence d’Olivier Sens, soutenue par le Conseil Départemental 93

MusineKit² has been recognized as useful educational tool by the french National Education Ministry.