MusineKit can be downloaded from (Windows and Mac platforms are supported). Once downloaded, simply unzip the file wherever you want on your computer (this could be the desktop, anywhere on the hard disk or on an external drive).

MusineKit is a portable application, which means that it doesn't need any particular installation, but just to be unzipped. It can be copied and transferred to an USB key. So anyone can work with it's own copy on it's own personal USB key.

Launching the application

Microsoft Windows: Open the unzipped folder and double click MusineKit.exe:

MacOSX: Directly double click on the application icon:

Curently Mac OS High Sierra user need to drag the .app on the desktop and use a right click to open it

Minimal requirements

MusineKit is meant to run on any computer meeting those minimal requirements:

External Controllers

As to increase the playing capacity of the instruments, MusineKit is compatible with a large panel of external controllers. Classical hardware such as keyboard and mouse is supported, you can also manipulate the instruments using touchscreens, Leap motion devices, Joystick, Gamepad, Karlax, Zil, etc.

MusineKit can be used with touchscreens, Leap motion or Joystick:

Advanced users will be able to use MIDI controllers to modify playing parameters in real-time (refer to Using MIDI control surfaces or the keyboard chapter.

In this manual, on each instrument description, we will indicate the appropriate controllers.