MotionKit  features about 20 instruments. Each instrument allows to play with sounds, modulate their parameters, create musical sequences and drive the whole by input interfaces..

MotionKit uses simple graphics for the user to directly enter a music game without prior learning. The instruments proposed in MotionKit are grouped into four categories: creative, fun, group playing and projects.


They are instruments whose purpose is to stimulate creativity. They usually have simple parameters that the user must alter in order to learn about the composition.


They are instruments whose main objective is to allow the user to approach the sound parameters (height, duration, timbre, etc.) in a fun angle.


They are tools for the game in small electronic formations. These instruments help to become aware of the sound space, timbre and temporal relationships in collective gaming contexts.


These are groups of instruments that may provide support to more comprehensive projects. For example a project of sound mapping made from sound recordings on singular places of a city. Or create custom ringtones.


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