Path Groove

  • Type: creativity, playful.
  • Controllers: mouse, touch screen, Leap Motion , joystick, zil.


Path Groove allows you to play audio samples by creating a path. When the line drawn by the user or key approach sounds, these latter are played by the computer. Sounds can also be moved freely to vary the sequences.


Clear changes.

Change settings of the instrument at random (randomized).

NUM Number of active and visible sounds on the instrument.


  • Pitch Overall pitch of the instrument sounds.
  • Area Influence Area for speakers.
  • Loop mode Play Mode plot:
    • Off, reading on hold,
    • Loop, loop at the speed of the drawn route,
    • Cycle, stalled in 2 measures loop cycles,
    • Bar, edged in the measurement loop.
  • Quantiz The triggering of sounds is quantized to the sixteenth note value.
  • Rnd pos Randomizes the positions of the sound boxes.
  • Rnd pitch Randomizes the pitches of sounds.
  • Pitch range Randomization ratio of pitch during the Rnd Pitch action.
  • Rnd sample Randomizes the sounds in the boxes.


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