• Type: Creative , overall game.
  • Controllers: mouse, touchscreen.


Designed as a tribute to composer Bernard Parmegiani, Concrete is an ideal instrument to achieve short sequences inspired by concrete music. Each block corresponds to a sound that can be stretched, played in reverse, dispersed in the stereo space.


Plays the sequence once.

Randomly changes sounds of each element.

Enables loop playback (loop)

NUM Number of active elements

DURATION Total duration of the sequence.


  • Reverb Amount of reverb

Panning the sounds

The adjustment of the object's vertical position changes the panning. If the objects are set up they will be shown on the left channel and vice versa on right channel downside.

Panning sound:

Pitch and volume

By adjusting the position of the white circles on the objects it is possible to modify the pitch horizontally and the volume going vertically

Changing the pitch and volume:


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