Grid Section Panel

A section corresponds to a column in the grid and represents part of your song or live performance.

Within each you can decide if it is played in loop, paused at the end, or continue to the next section.

Each sections can have a different tempo, duration, quantization, etc. At the end the grid cursor can jump to a specific section, or a random section.

Sections (as most of the objects in Usine), can receive key, MIDI, OSC assignments to be controlled by external devices.



Displayed caption of the object. Click to enter a new name.

loop mode

Loop mode of the section.

  • loop : section is played in loop until you change the section manually,
  • pause : section paused at the end, and wait until you change the section manually,
  • next section : continue automatically to the next section.


Number of repetitions of the section before it goes to the next. Note: Only if loop is set to next section


Duration of the section. Depends on the format used (bars, seconds, etc.).


Time format applied to the duration.

  • seconds
  • minutes
  • milliseconds
  • cycles
  • bars
  • beats

restart synchro

The synchro restarts to the beginning automatically when the section starts.

set tempo

Tempo of the section:

  • no change : use the master-synchro-panel or the previous section tempo.
  • set tempo to : set to a particular tempo. Note: If no change is chosen, Usine will look into the previous sections Note: to find the last tempo changes.
    Note: In other words when you affect a new tempo it will be available for all next sections.


Sets the tempo of the section. Note: Only if set tempo = set tempo to

bar list

List of bars with their time signature for the cycle. A cycle can be made of several bar with different time signatures.

for example:


Represents a cycle of two 4/4 bars and a 3/4 bar, so 11 beats. Allowed time signatures are x/1, x/2, x/4, x/8, x/16.

Moreover, you can define a precise tempo for each bar, for example


The first 4/4 bar will be at tempo=120, the second 3/8 at 90 and so on.

next mode

Determines the next section launched at the end:

  • next section normal mode, goes to the next,
  • previous section goes to the previous section,
  • first section returns a the beginning of the grid,
  • last section goes at the end of the grid,
  • goto section number choose a section number (see bellow),
  • random section goes randomly to another section, if you like playing random songs, or in special installations.

next section number

Sets the next section number. Note: Only when next mode = goto section number

description box

Description of the section. Useful to remember some details or to share infos with other users.

The description appears at the botton of the section.

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